MMA, BJJ, & Holding Students to a Higher Standard

How Training at Drysdale Jiu-jitsu Helped Me Become a Better Instructor

Last year, Michigan was hit with one of the worst winters in years. My wife Adrian and I packed everything we could into our car with our two dogs in tow. We pulled out of our driveway and began our drive westward; toward Las Vegas, NV. This was less than 1 year after buying a brand […]

How Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Came to Be

The History of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

The Origin of the Martial Arts   Every culture has shown to have some form of the martial arts; hand-to-hand combat in its history. Dating back to one of Ancient Greece’s traditions, the original Olympic Games pitted contestants against each other in weaponless combat, in the form of wrestling and boxing. This popular sport was […]

Luke Rockhold Finishes Chris Weidman

Dreams Came True at UFC 194

In a  great night of fights, Luke Rockhold dethrones Chris Weidman to become the new UFC Middleweight Champion. This fight brought back a lot of memories form my days at American Kickboxing Academy. In the summer of 2007, I remember sitting on the mats the first day Luke and I met. At the time, he […]

Holly Holm Takes Home The Gold

And Everyone Jumps Off The Rousey Bandwagon

Now that the initial shock of Ronda Rousey being knocked out by Holly Holm is finally starting to die down, I wanted to share my thoughts on what occurred. UFC 193 was a night of memorable fights. Holly Holm shocked the world and I’ll admit, I did not see it coming… Holly Holm is a […]

Women Will Never Fight In The UFC

Every Revolution Starts with a Fight

“When are we gonna see women in the UFC?” When TMZ asked the president of the UFC, Dana White that in 2011, he said “Never”. On Saturday, November 14th, 2015 Ronda Rousey will defend her title in the main event of the UFC versus Holly Holm. It took an athlete like Rousey to change Dana […]

This Book Changed My Life

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This book changed my life! It had to be about ten years ago. I friend of mine, Ejovi Nuwere and I were at a book store called Kinokuniya, in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. Ejovi is an internet entrepreneur from New York that made his name hacking in his teens. He had recently finished his autobiography, Hacker […]

Fight & Life Magazine Interview

Japanese MMA Journalist Manabu Takashima Interviews Ryan Bow

This coming January, it will be 7 years since I lived in Japan. In so many ways I grew up in Tokyo. Having lived there from the young age of 17 until just before my 30th birthday, even to this day, I still consider Japan “home”. So many of the important experiences one goes through […]

Learning from a Legend, Frank Shamrock & the Early Days of MMA

Important Lessons I've Learned

You gotta understand, when I got into MMA, there was no road map to being an MMA champion. It was the ground level and everyone was racing to figure out how to become a complete fighter. During the dark ages of the UFC we saw fighters like Marco Ruas use effective muay thai striking on the […]

House Hunters International

You Say Dubai and I Say Hello

My wife, Adrian and I love watching House Hunters International. We always wondered what it’d be like to be on the show. Luckily, a friend of mine had recently filmed an episode in Tokyo and we learned that House Hunters was interested in filming someone working in the MMA industry. We received and introduction and […]