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Japanese MMA Journalist Manabu Takashima Interviews Ryan Bow

This coming January, it will be 7 years since I lived in Japan. In so many ways I grew up in Tokyo. Having lived there from the young age of 17 until just before my 30th birthday, even to this day, I still consider Japan “home”. So many of the important experiences one goes through as a teenager, were a huge part in shaping me into the person I am today.

A few months ago during a 3 week long vacation to Japan, I ran into an old friend and Japanese MMA journalist, Manabu Takashima while I was training at Ground Slam.

A few days later we met up and over coffee, he interviewed me about the things I’ve been up to since retiring from competition and leaving Japan.

We first met when I made my pro debut in Hawaii back 1999. We were on the same flight from Tokyo to Honolulu. Because our flight was delayed due to engine trouble, we didn’t arrive into Hawaii until the day of the event.

I was young and wasn’t used to cutting weight. I will always be grateful for his support as I made the cut to 150lbs despite being stuck at the airport.

Here is the full 4 page interview that was just released today. Unfortunately, it is only available in Japanese.

Fight & Life Vol. 51 2015年12月号

Fight Life Magazine Article Page 1

Fight and Life Magazine Interview Page 2

Fight and Life Magazine Interview Page 3

Fight and Life Magazine Interview Page 4


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