Figuring $hit Out After Retiring from MMA

Jens Pulver on Retirement in his Documentary, DRIVEN

No one helps fighters prepare for retirement.

When I stopped competing in MMA, I was lost. I was so young… yet, my body was telling me otherwise.

The years and years of training had taken its toll. More importantly, my dream of fighting in the UFC had been taken from me years ago.

Medically speaking, I had been declared unfit to fight in the UFC. I felt robbed of a dream.

The problem was, I was only 29 and I’d dropped out of school to fight…

What was I supposed to do next???

This was something I struggled to find the answer to for years.

Today, going on 9 years since my last fight, I can say I’ve found the answers I was looking for.

Jiu-jitsu showed me the path. My loving wife gave me the support and shared in my love of traveling. Without them, who knows where or what I’d be doing today.

Former UFC Lightweight champion, Jens Pulver did a great job articulating these feelings in his documentary, DRIVEN. Here is a clip of that speech he gave:

If you haven’t seen it the entire documentary, check it out! It’s available on Netflix!

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