People often ask me why I don’t fight anymore.

People often ask me why I don’t fight anymore. I love the sport of MMA and will continue to train until the day I die. But, fighting professionally at the highest level was a huge sacrifice. It probably took years off my life lol.

Nowadays, I think about the injuries I’ve sustained and the important life events I’ve missed. I tell myself that I want to enjoy these things now.

Here is picture taken after one of my more challenging fights. As you can see, I took a fair share of punishment.
I won. My opponent went to the hospital.

Unbowed Blog Ryan Bow Past Fight Pic

The funny thing is… all that said:

The years I spent fighting professionally gave me some of the most meaningful memories of my life AND I’D DO IT ALL AGAIN! ‪#‎NeverQuit‬ ‪#‎NeverGiveUP‬

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