This Book Changed My Life

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This book changed my life! It had to be about ten years ago. I friend of mine, Ejovi Nuwere and I were at a book store called Kinokuniya, in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. Ejovi is an internet entrepreneur from New York that made his name hacking in his teens. He had recently finished his autobiography, Hacker Cracker and had decided to spend a year in Japan. We met at the Shootboxing headquarters in Asakusa where we both trained.

At this time, I was struggling financially. I had recently quit the gym I was working for after a disagreement with the Yakuza (mafia) backed management. More on that, another day.

Ejovi suggested that I start thinking about business in general and opening a gym one day to set myself up later in life. One key ingredient to that is having a financial education. At the time, finances were not something you could learn in school. I learned absolutely nothing about it. Ever since, I had been working from paycheck to paycheck.

His comments came as a surprised because up until that time, I had the proud “I am a fighter” mentality. “This is who I am and the only thing I know how to do.” “What do I know about business”?

Ejovi handed the book to me. I looked at the price and it costed $10.00!! lol At the time, I thought to myself, I don’t have $10.00 to waste on some book. I’m too busy training to read it anyways.

Ejovi said: “I’ll buy it for you then. Just make sure you read it”. He bought me the book and I felt that the least I could do was read it to thank him for his generosity.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Cover

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robery Kiyosaki is about the monetary problems by his “Poor Dad”, his highly educated father whose income was respectable but he never seemed to have enough to cover his family’s bills.

Then their was his “Rich Dad”, his friends father who for what he lacked in traditional education, more than made up for it with his financial education and belief that the poor and middle class work for money instead of having it work for them.

Reading this book changed my outlook on my current financial situation and how to improve it going forward. This experience of a friend buying me a $10 book planted the seed for me to try my hand at entrepreneurship. Sure, I’ve failed numerous times but hey, if it teaches me a much needed lesson in the process then, I think that’s money well spent. Afterall, you only have to get it right once:).

So, check out this book because sometimes all you need to do to get ahead in life is to first change your mind set. This book changed mine!

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