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    Tunnel Visions: Memoirs of a Mixed Martial Arts Champion
    Part autobiography, part travel narrative, Tunnel Visions: Memoirs of a Mixed Martial Arts Champion is the true story about a young African American’s dream to become an MMA champion in a foreign land.

    The closest most of us will ever come to deep-diving the minute to minute heart-breaking, head-pounding and gut-wrenching existence of an elite competitive athlete.


      Ryan Bow Mixed Martial Arts brings the evolution of American MMA training to Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan, and international locations worldwide! When you train with Ryan, you have decades of knowledge and experience right at your fingertips. Whether you are training for competition or looking for a new fitness routine, Ryan Bow Mixed Martial Arts has a training regimen that will fit your needs.
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      Designed by Ryan, the Dogjitsu Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Inspired Dog Collars feature the color scheme of the belt ranking system used in BJJ. The perfect premium gifts for martial arts enthusiasts.

      In addition, Fight Gods Apparel is loosely based on the Mythological Greek God of War, Ares. It may not protect you against swords on the battlefield but, every warrior needs to be protected. The Fight Gods Apparel has you covered! Read More
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      From boy to man to celebrated mixed martial arts fighter, Ryan Bow climbed a ladder of challenges to reach the top. With a deadly cyst ticking in his brain, young Bow made his way to the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan and fought to win acclaim across the oceans. Beset by tragedy and strengthened by perseverance, Ryan Bow’s life is the epitome or triumph. He has recounted his triumphant story in a page-turning memoir and hilarious comic book.
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      Ryan Bow Memoir


      A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This was the case for Ryan when he decided to peruse opportunities in TV and film. To date, Ryan has starred in a variety of Reality-TV shows and movies, including the wildly popular HGTV Reality-TV series, “House Hunters International.” Furthermore, a feature length film is in development about Ryan’s life. Unbeknownst to those around him, the American Judoka turned MMA fighter battled a deadly brain cyst as he chased his dream of becoming an MMA World Champion.
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