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Coaching ‘The Sniper’

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During my years working as the head MMA coach at Team Nogueira Dubai, I was presented with a great opportunity:

To help put Team Nogueira on the map in the region as the home of MMA champions.

I had the honor of working with many great athletes. One that comes to mind is Mounir Lazzez of Tunisia.

On March 23rd, 2015, Mounir fought for the welterweight title in Desert Force 16 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Desert Force is one of the leading MMA organizations and is broadcast live on cable television in many countries.

Having coached Mounir and the rest of the team through a hard training camp, I accompanied him to KSA.

I know what many of you are thinking… “Saudi Arabia!?”…. To which, I will say this:

We were treated with respect from start to finish and met many like-minded fighters, passionate about the sport of MMA:).

Mounir fought Mohamad Ghorabi of Lebanon for the title. Like Mounir, Ghorabi is striker with knockout power in both hands.

During the fight, our game plan worked to a tee as Mounir dismantled Ghorabi, controlling the fight both on the ground and on the feet before finishing his opponent in exciting fashion!

Mounir fought the last round of the fight with a broken arm. His arm broke while blocking a kick in the first round. He’s all healed now and I think we will be seeing more from him soon!

Remember the name Mounir Lazzez because one day, you will see him in the UFC!

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