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One Team. One Family.

Good food. Good fights. Good company. Fun times with Fight Gods Family & Friends. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Ground & Pound Those Calories Away

Ground and Pound Fitness is a combination of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) positioning and Muay Thai strikes. Inspired by a good friend of mine from Michigan, I came up with this class to help students remember the basic BJJ positions. Adding in the strikes helps burn calories and really symbolizes the feeling of finishing off your…

Victory for Victor!

Very proud of Victor who made their amateur Muay Thai debut and dominated his opponent!

Hard Work Pays Off

2 Gold Medals, 1 Bronze Medal, and the Fastest No Gi Submission of the Night! Beau, Charlie, Kyler, and Telimoye… all of your hard work really paid off! So proud of you guys!!!!!!!

Basics Win Fights

Starting over from scratch is never easy. I opened Fight Gods MMA Academy in September 2017.  The importance of mastering the basics cannot be overlooked. As the saying goes, Basics Win Fights. Dutch Muay Thai Drills, Inside Low Kicks, and Counter Attacks were the theme of the day.

Straight Outta Mumbai

Amit Thapa is another great fighter that I had the honor of coaching. A native of Mumbai, India, Amit moved to Dubai to pursue a career in MMA and as a personal trainer in the fitness industry. Amit and I met when he joined us during our pro MMA training at Team Nogueira Dubai. He’s…

Ali wins in Cairo!

During my time coaching in Dubai, I had the pleasure of working with another athlete that really made me remember why I love coaching in the first place. His name is Ali Ahl. Ali is Emirati; a native of the United Arab Emirates. He is one of the most humble and coachable athletes that I…

Coaching ‘The Sniper’

During my years working as the head MMA coach at Team Nogueira Dubai, I was presented with a great opportunity: To help put Team Nogueira on the map in the region as the home of MMA champions. I had the honor of working with many great athletes. One that comes to mind is Mounir Lazzez…

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