Ryan Bow Mixed Martial Arts brings the evolution of American MMA training to Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan, and international locations worldwide!

When you train with Ryan, you have decades of knowledge and experience right at your fingertips.

There are many benefits to having a decorated teacher and coach to help you accomplish your goals. Whether you are training for competition or looking for a new fitness routine, Ryan Bow Mixed Martial Arts has a training regimen that will fit your needs.

Ryan believes in his students’ growth. So, he created a unique grading system in order to help members consistently reach their goals and be at their personal best. This system helps students to stay motivated and set objectives for themselves.


With a friendly learning environment and an expert instructor by your side, you will have the ability to train in a wide array of disciplines covering all areas of martial arts and fitness. Whether you’re looking for the speed of Boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing or the techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Wrestling, we provide the highest quality of classes in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

Our offer classes cater to all experience levels so that both novice and advanced students can develop their skills, grow in experience, and achieve their goals under the instruction of a world-class coach. The classes are perfect for individuals who are new to the sport of MMA and/or combat sports in general.

While the technical focus is essential to building a strong foundation, fitness is equally important. Ryan will push you to the limit with an intense warm up. Afterwards, he will cover the technique(s) of the day by using both individual and pair drills.

Please note, sparring is optional. It can be the thing that creates a good or bad experience for a person who’s new to MMA and combat sports. We pride ourselves on our ability to help members reach their fitness goals in a safe environment.